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Thordal, the Navigator, lands at Newhaven Harbour in 1012. Pirates have boarded his ship and put him on a small sailing boat with his horse ... Fortunately, he survived through the dangerous strait, because the North Cape is notorious for a number of shipwrecks - it is also called the Bermuda Triangle of the North.

Thorre, the harbour master, offers him a place to stay, which of course at first has to be renovated. And also the harbourmaster wants rent for the property - besides this he demands goods for his shipbuilding, because Thorre needs new merchant ships! Submerge yourself into a white winter landscape, and feel the icy cold that sometimes harms you in many ways  


This is a map that paradox991962 has translated into English.

I would like to thank her very much for the good work she has done on the translation.

Thank you paradox991962 

This map can be played with the History Edition!

This map is available in English

German-Version Winterzauber

Tipps für Spieler:Only when you have managed to visit Alandra, you can ascend. Then eliminate the highwaymen, then they will not steal the carts. In the beginning, it is enough for you to be a Sherriff to obtain archers, everything else can be done later, if you are sure of your territory. There is a Castle Camp click on the castle and look at it. Watch out for the winter, because then you can reach unreachable places. There are many treasures hidden in the chests, do not loot indiscriminately, but pick up certain treasures (incense or milk, for example, that are needed for ascension)
Danke an:Many thanks to the Siedelwood-Testteam Hermine65, DiCo, Grossi55, Sunyani, udi53, zeus, mkf, barbara27h, Alex I also thank you for the script support by Barbara, Alex and twA Thank you paradox991962 for translation 🙂


Siedler-Version:S6/RdO - Reich des Ostens
Maptyp:Single Player
Mapgrösse:8 MB
Bewertungen:2 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 102 votes, average: 8,50 out of 10 (2 Bewertungen, Durchschnitt: 8,50 von 10)
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Liebe Gitti, vielen Dank für diese schöne Map. Sie hat mir sehr gefallen. Leider hat sich mein Spiel arg in die Länge gezogen, weil ich arbeitstechnisch dann doch eine menge zu tun hatte. Bei Gelegenheit spiele ich sie noch mal in einem Rutsch durch.
Voller Sternensegen. smile


Hi. Will you upload more maps in English?

Hello everyone and Gitti, I just finished playing this in just under 8 hours (I really did take my sweet time with this one :P) It is such a nice map, where one can just relax a bit and settle as much as one wants. I really really enjoyed it. As I also did some testing on this map before its release I am very happy to see it published for everyone to enjoy. The only aspects I would like to draw attention to are the following: – Be careful with accepting the missions of „Grandmother“ Trude. You need to… Mehr >>