AURIANE part 1

AURIANE part 1
von ElDragon
Mapgeschichte:Beschreibung: With many inspirations from the fascinating novel „The Lightbearer“ from Donna Gillespie the story of this map was created. It takes place during the 2. Century in the northern areas of the river „Main“. In this territory the disagreeing tribe of the „Chatten“  lived in permanent fights with their neighbors, the robbing tribe of the „Tencterer“. AURIANE, daughter of the Chatten’s chief BALDUR, is called after a disastrous attack of the Tencterers to build up again „Baldur’s Gehöft“ and get some peace and wealth for her people. She has to solve some difficult problems and mainly improve the relations to the neighbors – even the Romans! But a new Consul is instructed to carry out Rom’s intention of expanding in Germania. The Chatten might be the first target; AURIANE at least has to try to form an alliance with the village of her friend WULFSTAN, maybe to resist the roman invasion. But actually, Auriane, educated to be a warrior, is called to the service for the „Great Mother“ …. This first part of  the story will not come to a good end! But maybe, in the second part there will be new hope for our hero Auriane? Together with myself the diligent testers „grossi“, „hermine“ and „severato“, as well as my former teachers „udi“ and „Fidelio“, worked a long time, to make this map ready for publishing.  Many thanks to all of them! (Sorry – MY English is not perfect…! So I got help from my old friend MIKE - he translated mainly ... ; I only did it with THIS text and when I had to change some scenes!)


Siedler-Version:S6/RdO - Reich des Ostens
Maptyp:Single Player
Mapgrösse:2 MB
Bewertungen:7 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 107 votes, average: 10,00 out of 10 (7 Bewertungen, Durchschnitt: 10,00 von 10)
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lil pill

Hi Eldragon

Mit dieser Map hast du genau meinen Geschmack getroffen! Als Fan der Antike habe ich mich sehr über die Thematik gefreut. Die Story war toll, die Landschaft war auch sehr schön und die Aufgaben waren teilweise nicht zu einfach zu lösen. Dafür kriegst du von mir die volle Punktzahl.

Herzlichen Dank für deine Arbeit und ich freue mich extrem auf den nächsten Teil (Ich verliere nur seeehr ungern grin )



Hallo ElDragon,

auch wenn die ollen Römer das Gehöft einfach nicht einnehmen wollen eine tolle Karte. Und so habe ich ja lediglich die Meldung der Niederlage und keine weitere Handlung verpasst. Das ist gut zu verschmerzen. Auch ich freu mich schon auf den nächsten Teil. Ich finde auch Aufgaben spannend, die nicht so einfach zu lösen sind (wie z.B. die Schülerin im Wald suchen). Die Landschaft war eh wieder super. Also vielen Dank für die Map. 10 Sterne sind natürlich das Mindeste.

VG bishr


Herzlichen Dank, ich habe die Karte jetzt zuende gespielt. Freue mich sehr auf Teil 2. 


50 Steine … da bin ich steckengeblieben.


Hello Quicksilver!


A bit confusing – I was surprised not to find your comment along with the other ones on this adventure…

It took me a while to figure out this is because there are two threads because of both a german AND an english version uploaded, one day after another smile

You can find the other thread, with answer to your question included here:


And Eldragon, thank you for yet another lovely story!!!

Haven’t finished it yet but once I have, I’ll certainly check back for rating smile



Thanks. This was the one showing as Eldragon’s most recent map, never saw the other version. I guess that explains the strange mix of English and German in the map. 


Eldragon, do you need any help translating German texts into English?


I should add – Eldragon or any of the other mappers?  I’ve done a fair bit of German to English translation in my time.